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Heavy Steam Shock Trooper


Ive been doing some concept sketches and I realised its rather difficult creating a Heavy Armoured Stem Trooper.

The normal scales do not really apply and you kind of either need to amputate a few limbs or have a very nimble double jointed person wearing it….

Steam Rocket Trooper – UPDATE


Final colored version of first trooper… 5 more to go. There will be 3 types of steam rockets, varying heights of steam smoke and various weapons… So far the plan is to have: 1 x Pistol (scout for longer range missions) 1…

Steam Rocket Troopers

SO ive been working on some concepts for a new set to boost the Shock troopers. I loved the move “the rocketeer” and though what we really need is some flying shock troopers.. Ive started making some rough sketches and…