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Starships: Fighters

Photo 21-05-2012 17 14 17

phew ok…thats the design concepts for the first fleet done! I was playing around with various ideas for the fighters but just could not get myself to settle for 2D fighters… after all, if you spent so much time building…

Starships: Frigate.

Photo 20-05-2012 13 34 41

It came out a little smaller than expected but it seems to be ok if i go by the descriptions and requisites of a frigate. at first i thought the smaller bits might be tricky to assemble but it was…

Starship ahooi

Screen Shot 2012-05-15 at 09.34.59

Ive kicked a few ideas around and decided to add a space fleet to my product range. These models will not be attached to any gaming system but can be used for any space based game. Currently I’m planning for…

Heavy Steam Shock Trooper


Ive been doing some concept sketches and I realised its rather difficult creating a Heavy Armoured Stem Trooper.

The normal scales do not really apply and you kind of either need to amputate a few limbs or have a very nimble double jointed person wearing it….

Steam Rocket Trooper – UPDATE


Final colored version of first trooper… 5 more to go. There will be 3 types of steam rockets, varying heights of steam smoke and various weapons… So far the plan is to have: 1 x Pistol (scout for longer range missions) 1…