Horrible Mustached things from outer space

Awhile back I was stuck in a few allday meetings and started doodling as you do… and stumbled upon a horrible mustached things style.

I quickly developed the idea into a range of figures which is nearly complete. As you can see just the arms and legs left to do.

Horrible mustahed things from outer space

So what is the story? Well a mutant race of slime green and gray aliens tapped into earth’s tv channels while searching for extra terrestrial life their whole society was transfixed by  the 1980’s TV shows. Their favorite was the tachtacular “Magnum P.I” which eventually became the primary religion of their society.

When the show was finally pulled off the air, the horrible mustached things from outer space decide to invade earth and demand that the religious broadcasts continue…. they have yet to reach earth… watch this space when they do….

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