Minecraft Paper Models

Some Minecraft Block and Mob paper models I used to decorate our christmas tree this year.  You can view the video here:


I did not design these models but used http://www.minecraftpapercraft.com to generate them.

I’ve just scaled them correctly and added 3 blocks per page. This post is really for my YouTube viewers but please feel free to download and build these for free.

Furnace, Command Block & Spruce wood {filelink=33}

Bookcase, chest & cobble {filelink=34}

Stone Brick, Mossy Stone Brick and Spawner {filelink=35}

TNT, Diamond Ore & Portal Block {filelink=36}

TNT, Enchanting Table, Crafting Bench {filelink=37}

Creeper {filelink=38}

Dragnoz {filelink=39}

Iron Golem {filelink=40}

Big Slime {filelink=41}

Snow Golem {filelink=42}

Zombie {filelink=43}

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